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Private Intensives

Do you feel as though you could use a time out from your life in order to get back on track with your health and wellbeing? Do you crave more time to be still and reconnect with yourself? Is it challenging to get clear

about choices you are facing or to do deeper personal work while also trying to manage your daily life obligations? Is there a long-lasting

pattern of depression, anxiety or some other issue that you have not been able to fully shift, even after years of personal work?

Our customized private intensives and Kambo immersions provide an opportunity for you to create a healing respite away from your usual life stressors. These personalized intensives are designed based on your unique needs that are identified during an initial consultation. You will further clarify your intention and goals during online sessions leading up to the intensive. After you return home, you will continue to transfer the insights and skills from the intensive experience back into your everyday life with the help of follow up sessions with Tanjariitta.

Our retreat is nestled in the magical woods of northwest Montana, just outside of Glacier National Park and only ten minutes from the Glacier International Airport. This place is a powerful setting to come do your personal healing work. Your customized therapeutic work with Kambo will be balanced with opportunities for quiet personal exploration on this beautiful land and in the Flathead Valley area. A one mile loop hiking trail winds around in the surrounding woods and a year long sizable creek winds through the land. Meditation, yoga and deep inner work are encouraged by the land and the energy created in the gatherings that take place here.

Pricing for these intensives is dependent on number of Kambo sessions, length of stay, type of lodging and menu of healing modalities chosen to compliment your Kambo work.


Our Sauna is Opening July 2019! 

International Destinations and

Domestic Locations beyond Montana

We also offer the Personal Intensives at various locations domestically and internationally, in which case a menu of local offerings will be created based on the location and your specific needs. 

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